Alma Estrada Sexty

My Mom saw a new ophthalmologist Mona Bagga M.D. for cataract and lens implant. My mom said “Wow!” She was so elated that she could start seeing better after 1 day after surgery. Her procedure was outpatient and Dr. Bagga knows what she’s doing with the new technology of cataract removal. My mom is exactly 1 week after surgery and she can see 20/20 vision. She had no pain and no issues after surgery. My mom had her left eye done at the end of May and the second eye done at the beginning of July. She now no longer needs glasses and sees 20/20 out of both eyes. The service here was great. Most of all it was great to know that my mom was in good hands with an experienced doctor like Dr. Bagga. Highly refer Dr. Mona Bagga for an ophthalmologist.

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