Carol C.

I had an event happen where I needed an ophthalmologist and called on Dr. Sullivan. However, he was on vacation but he now has an ophthalmologist in his office by the name of Mona Bagga, who has quite a resume. I had had an acute attack of glaucoma although I had never previously had glaucoma and was in quite a bit of pain and had diminished eyesight in one eye. Dr. Bagga was so kind and caring and supportive and professional and knowledgeable! I was so pleased that the receptionist was was able to work me into see her that same day. All of the staff there are so professional and so kind and patient. Although my appointment was long due to tests etc., Dr. Bagga never looked at her watch once as she was intent upon finding the cause and treatment rather than hurrying me along as I experienced in a previous ophthalmologist office. Google her to find her extensive training, experience, and specialties.

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