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Proudly Serving the Bay Area for over 70 Years

With a legacy of more than 70 years serving the San Jose area, Eye Medical Clinic has built a reputation for quality eye care that generations of families have come to trust.

As San Jose has grown to represent the heart of Silicon Valley, Eye Medical Clinic has grown alongside the region, embracing the most advanced techniques and technology in eye care and vision correction…and our story is still being written.

Eye Medical Clinic is expanding to broaden our spectrum of services, taking us to the next level with the addition of world-class surgeons and advanced medical, surgical and laser procedures for cataracts and glaucoma. From routine eye exams to complicated cataract surgeries, Eye Medical Clinic can expertly care for every member of your family.

We invite you to experience the VIP treatment every patient can expect to receive at Eye Medical Clinic. Our team of experienced doctors John Sullivan, MD; Jeanie Paik, MD; Tamer Hadi, MD; Mona Bagga, MD and Christina Nguyen Deane, OD, as well as a highly trained staff, is dedicated to helping you enjoy your life to the fullest…with the clear vision you deserve.

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From the youngest member of your family to the oldest, Eye Medical Clinic serves all of your eye care and vision needs.

Liz A.

My husband just had cataract surgery performed by Dr Bagga, a cataract surgeon with incredible expertise (over 10,000 completed surgeries). Cataract surgery has become common place, but as my husband has only one eye, surgery on that eye was scary.

We just left Dr Bagga’s office a few minutes ago where he was told his vision in his only eye is now 20/20. Everything he looks at is crystal clear, no more fuzzy vision, no double images, just clarity everywhere.

And to top things off, Dr Bagga cares and works for the best outcomes. When she came out after the surgery yesterday she gave me a thumbs up and said everything went wonderfully well. She gave me a big hug and reassured me that my husband would have very good vision. How wonderful she is professionally and personally. Thank you Dr Bagga!

Leah M.

I have seen all the Drs in this office at some point and they have all been wonderful! Friendly and very knowledgeable. Dr. Deane has been great getting me into the right contacts after having problems with so many – she also educated me on eye health like no other OD has and for that I’m grateful!

Thelma Granado

Just had intraocular surgery by Dr Bagga she is amazing! Walks you through the whole process. Even gave me a call the night of my surgery to see how I was feeling. Went to see Dr Bagga next morning said I had 20/20 vision in my right eye. Can’t wait for her to do the left eye. Great bed side manners.

Bob Long

My elderly mom has been a patient of Dr. Sullivan’s for over 15 years. He has taken such good care of her, through cataract surgery and other issues. She has advanced glaucoma, and I’m convinced she would be blind by now if it weren’t for Dr. Sullivan. Recently, though, he went so far above the call of duty, I have to commend him. When my mom woke from a nap on a Saturday and couldn’t see out of one eye, I called the Eye Medical Clinic doctor-on-call number, and Dr. Sullivan picked up the call right away. No answering service and no wait for a call-back. He felt the situation was urgent enough that he had us meet him at his office so he could look at her eye. On a Saturday! Within an hour! Who does that? He and his wonderful staff made sure to squeeze her in over the next few weeks as she was treated, even though his workload was huge due to the passing of a colleague, and I’m happy to report that she can see again, same as she did before the problem. Dr. Sullivan is the best!

Carol C.

I had an event happen where I needed an ophthalmologist and called on Dr. Sullivan. However, he was on vacation but he now has an ophthalmologist in his office by the name of Mona Bagga, who has quite a resume. I had had an acute attack of glaucoma although I had never previously had glaucoma and was in quite a bit of pain and had diminished eyesight in one eye. Dr. Bagga was so kind and caring and supportive and professional and knowledgeable! I was so pleased that the receptionist was was able to work me into see her that same day. All of the staff there are so professional and so kind and patient. Although my appointment was long due to tests etc., Dr. Bagga never looked at her watch once as she was intent upon finding the cause and treatment rather than hurrying me along as I experienced in a previous ophthalmologist office. Google her to find her extensive training, experience, and specialties.

Alma Estrada Sexty

My Mom saw a new ophthalmologist Mona Bagga M.D. for cataract and lens implant. My mom said “Wow!” She was so elated that she could start seeing better after 1 day after surgery. Her procedure was outpatient and Dr. Bagga knows what she’s doing with the new technology of cataract removal. My mom is exactly 1 week after surgery and she can see 20/20 vision. She had no pain and no issues after surgery. My mom had her left eye done at the end of May and the second eye done at the beginning of July. She now no longer needs glasses and sees 20/20 out of both eyes. The service here was great. Most of all it was great to know that my mom was in good hands with an experienced doctor like Dr. Bagga. Highly refer Dr. Mona Bagga for an ophthalmologist.

Robb H.

Have been a patient of Eye Medical Clinic for many years. Dr. Mona Bagga, a recent addition to the staff has been nothing less than a blessing to the patients she now serves. Recently I underwent double cataract surgery. Within the last 5 weeks I’ve gone from 20/40 in both eyes to 20/20. The surgeries went absolutely according to plan. Dr. Bagga and her staff were amazing before, during and after the two surgeries. Her ‘bed side manners’ are amazing and despite the numbers of patients she serves, she has an incredible way of treating you like your no. 1. Needless to say, I’m a big fan not only of Eye Medical Clinic, but Dr. Mona Bagga as well.

John E.

On multiple occasions we have interfaced with all three doctors (their medical assistants and administrative personnel) at the Eye Medical Clinic. Without exception they are all very professional, have a wealth of experience, are very patient, very friendly, and always take the time to ensure that we fully understand everything. We have had eye glasses prescriptions updated, cysts removed from eyelids, and have had cataract surgery. Results have, without exception, been superb.

Our full spectrum of services are broad, starting with comprehensive eye exams for children and adults through to seniors, who have their own unique eye concerns. Our Glasses and Contacts page educates about the latest technology in lens and frame materials, while showcasing our many styles to fit any budget. Visit our cataract page to learn more about the many premium lens options that exist with today’s modern cataract surgery procedures that can free you from the need for glasses, bifocals and even readers after your cataract procedure. Our glaucoma page showcases our leading-edge procedures and advanced techniques to address your unique eye condition. From eye emergencies to full-service optical, Eye Medical Clinic has you – and your entire family – covered.

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