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Research + Clinical Trials

Legendary Care Meets Forward Thinking

Clinical trials in vision research have led to new medications, surgeries and methods for disease detection that have saved or improved the eyesight of millions of people. Eye Medical Clinic is proud to be a leader in research and an active participant in many clinical trials.


Since our earliest days, Eye Medical Clinic has been committed to offering patients the newest, safest, most innovative technologies and procedures in comprehenive eye care.

Dr. Phillips Thygeson, co-founder of Eye Medical Clinic, was involved in research that was essential in identifying and treating Trachoma, a leading cause of blindness in the world.

Dr. Connor O’Malley is credited with the invention of the Ocutome during his years of service at Eye Medical Clinic. Ocutome is a revolutionary system of microsurgical instruments used in retinal-vitreous surgery. The system is still in use and continues to save the eyesight of thousands of people every year.

A natural outgrowth of our commitment to innovation is our long-standing and continued involvement in clinical research. At Eye Medical Clinic, our experienced doctors are involved in trials of new devices, procedures, drugs, and other technologies.

Quality service and legendary care is our passion at Eye Medical Clinic. Clinical research is one area that helps us in our quest to provide the best care to every patient, every time. Our dedicated research team searches out studies and trials that have notable patient benefits.

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