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Premium Lens Implants Could Mean Premium Vision Post Cataracts Surgery

So you know you need cataract surgery. The decision has been made. You may even already know this means the removal of the cloudy lens in your eye and replacement with a clear artificial lens (IOL).

What you may not know is that, until recently, you would have had very few choices of lenses used to restore your vision. But major advances in lens exchange procedures allow people just like you to continue to live your life the way they want to live it with improved vision, often better than what you had before cataract surgery.

At Eye Medical Clinic in San Jose, we offer a variety of the best Premium Lens Implants that can correct your cataracts AND reduce your dependency on glasses or bifocals.

Premium or Basic? Does it really matter?

There are lots of areas and products where you – the consumer – get to choose between basic or premium. Coach or first-class? Hey, it’s your trip. You get to decide how you want to take it. Basic black coffee or decadent French press with steamed milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon? Certainly your choice.

But eyes are a bit different. Think about how much you rely on your eyesight. Do you really want to choose between basic or premium where your vision is concerned? The truth is, Premium Lens Implants can restore the vision you’ve enjoyed your whole life (or even better!).

Although basic cataract surgery has been proven very successful at removing cataracts and replacing the eye’s natural lens with a clear lens, many people find they still need glasses, bifocals or multifocals in order to achieve their best vision after cataract surgery.

Compared to standard IOLs, Premium Lens Implants greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses after your cataract surgery procedure. The decision is easy. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy all the things you love to do with clear vision?!

Advantages of Premium Lenses

Start counting because there are a lot of them! Amazing advances in Premium Lens technology have made it possible for most people to attain clear vision at all distances and in most settings with greatly reduced dependency on glasses, bifocals and readers.

Specifically, Multifocal Lenses are created to improve distance and near focus, while Toric lenses are designed to correct astigmatism. Imagine enjoying all your daily activities like driving, golfing, crafting, reading, hiking, painting, swimming (and more!) free from the hassles and the hindrances of glasses, bifocals, trifocals and, in some cases, even readers!

With a premium lens implant, it’s possible! At Eye Medical Clinic, whatever your visual goal, there’s a lens for that. While there are no lens options that can definitively promise 20/20 vision at all distances, most patients who choose a Premium Lens Implant for their cataract surgery procedure at Eye Medical Clinic are glasses-free for most daily activities. And most are thrilled with their vision after cataract surgery.

Paying for Premium Lenses

The cost of basic cataract surgery with a basic lens is generally covered by Medicare as well as most private insurance providers. However, depending on which options and premium lens you choose, there may be some costs not covered by your insurance.

Our experienced team can help you maximize your benefits and select a financing plan that is comfortable for your budget for any portion of your cataract procedure not covered by Medicare or your private insurance.

Meet Our Experienced Cataract Surgeons

The best premium lens implants in San Jose in the hands of Eye Medical Clinic’s experienced cataract surgeons is a winning combination!

Mona Bagga, MD, is a board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologist with deep experience in cataract treatment. She uses a combination of advanced medical, surgical and laser procedures to improve patients’ vision and quality of life. Dr. Bagga has completed more than 10,000 successful procedures, including laser-assisted cataract surgery with premium lens implants. She was one of the first two surgeons in the U.S. to implant the Tecnis Toric Lens.

John Sullivan, MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist with vast experience in cataract surgery. He holds a clinical professor faculty appointment in the ophthalmology department at the University of California-San Francisco where he shares teaching responsibilities training ophthalmology residents and oculoplastic fellows. Dr. Sullivan has served the people of Santa Rosa and San Jose at Eye Medical Clinic since 1973.

Ready to find out more about a custom-designed procedure that will give you the opportunity to enjoy your best personal vision after cataract surgery? Schedule an appointment at Eye Medical Clinic today.

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