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Finish 2020 with the Vision You Deserve

Cataract Surgery at Eye Medical Clinic

If your eye doctor has told you it’s time to consider cataract surgery, you may be thinking, “Welllll, maybe I should wait.” After all, the pandemic is still affecting the lives of people across the world. But the truth is, now is actually a great time to have cataract surgery and for more reasons than you might think.

Cataract surgery is an exciting opportunity, and we like to say it’s something you should actually look forward to! At Eye Medical Clinic, we love to guide our patients through this journey to restored, and possibly even improved, vision. Let’s talk more about why now is an ideal time to have cataract surgery at Eye Medical Clinic.

Extra Measure of Safety

If safety is a concern to you at this time, you’re not alone. Many of our patients have asked us about this very thing! Here is what we tell them. All our cataract surgeries are performed at a trusted partner ASC (ambulatory surgery center). And an ASC is probably the safest place to receive care; perhaps even safer than a hospital. Why? Because ASCs do not treat sick patients. They are highly regulated healthcare facilities held to extremely high safety standards at the federal and state level.

Maximize End-of-Year Savings

Need another reason to consider moving forward with cataract surgery at this time? We’ve got a great one! By the final months of the year, most people have met their annual deductible, making it a great time to schedule needed medical procedures like cataract surgery (before deductibles reset in January).

With your deductible met, your supplemental insurance may very well help pay for more of your procedure costs. Not sure how all that works? We can help.

Customized Care with Personalized Vision

At Eye Medical Clinic, we really do want you to See Every Moment. Our experienced vision experts will meet with you one-on-one to assess the health of your eyes, learn about your lifestyle, hobbies and goals after surgery to decide on a plan together. It is our goal that you leave your consultation feeling confident and excited about your upcoming surgery and potential new vision.

See Every Moment, Your Way

Now, more than ever before, you have the opportunity to make a lifestyle decision about your vision after cataract surgery. Eye Medical Clinic is at the forefront of major advancements in lens exchange procedures that let you live the way you want. We also offer a variety of Premium Lens Implants (Multifocal and Extended Depth of Focus) that can replace your cataracts and possibly even eliminate the need for progressive glasses, bifocals or contact lenses. Specifically, Premium Lenses are designed to give patients high-quality vision at several distances, and in any light condition, including low light.

Premium IOLs are appropriate for the majority of patients who also seek a return to the vision of their youth. Most of these patients report no longer needing distance or reading glasses to see clearly in any and all light conditions. Candidates for Premium Multifocal IOLs include patients who have any of the following conditions: Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Presbyopia and Cataracts, either with or without astigmatism.

While there are no lens options that can guarantee 20/20 vision at all distances, most patients who choose a Premium Lens Implant are happily glasses-free for most daily activities.

Trust your eyes to the San Jose cataracts specialists at Eye Medical Clinic. Our team is anchored by board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologists who have completed countless successful cataract surgeries. Schedule an initial cataract consultation today and learn more about the amazing advances in Premium Lens technology. Play golf with 20/20 in 2020 and walk into the new year with the confidence that comes from Seeing Every Moment.

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